Anyone Can Learn 100 Words!

You’ve seen those silly ads: “Learn a foreign language in 10 days!”


Of course not! It takes months or years to learn a foreign language.

But anyone can learn 100 words™—the most useful 100 Travel Words™. Words like hello, money, how much, hotel room, hot water, laundry, metro station, ticket, Wifi password.

Dictionaries, language courses, phrasebooks and foreign language apps give you way too many words. They discourage you with overwhelming lessons that would take weeks or months to finish. And those complicated 300-page phrasebooks and apps don’t do the job when you need a word instantly.

But anyone can learn 100 words™. You just need to know which 100 words—the 100 Travel Words!™— and have them presented in the best possible way for quick and easy learning.

100 Travel Words - Turkish
100 Travel Words – Turkish, the most useful 100 Turkish travel words. Anyone can learn 100 words!

That’s what we do here at, a service of Travel Info Exchange, Inc.

We’ve selected the 100 most useful words for travelers and  divided them into 10  lessons of about 10 words each. Study one lesson per day in the morning, review it in the evening, and at the end of 10 days you’ll have a 100-word vocabulary of the most useful words a short-trip traveler needs in a foreign country.

We include a Pronunciation Guide and simple lessons on basic grammar, if you’re interested, and a few other points to help you to cruise through your foreign adventure.

We’ve updated this website so that its 100 Most Useful Travel Words in Turkish match our new Turkish language-learning ebook 100 Travel Words – Turkish, available for download right now via PayHip, a British ebook distribution shop that’s particularly nice to us authors, passing on 95% of the book price to us. Payment is handled by PayPal, so all is secure.

Note: 100 Travel Words – Turkish is not an app, but an ebook, readable on any device that can display ebooks: iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, laptop computer, etc. Download it to your iPhone or iPad, open it in iBooks (Mac OS, iOS), or Google Play Books (Android) and instantly start learning the words you’ll need.

Price? The 182-page ebook sells for US$2.99 (or equivalent)—about the cost of a semi-fancy cup of  coffee.  It’s a no-brainer. More…

The ebook is also available for Kindle.

The 100 Travel Words – Turkish has much more information than you’ll find here, including pronunciation keys and a flash-card design that makes learning your hundred words so much easier. Remember, as an ebook, you do not have to be online to use it: download the ebook to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop or ebook reader and learn words whenever and wherever you like!

How to Read Your Ebook

Apple OSX, iOS (Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)

Add the ebook to iBooks on your computer, or open it in iBooks on your iPad or iPhone (or you may open it in another ebook-reader program or app).

Android (Samsung & other non-Apple devices)

Open the Google Play Books app, which is included with Android OS, then open your ebook. Other ebook-reader programs or apps are also available.

Here’s a taste of what the ebook offers: the 100 Most Useful Words in Turkish.