100 Travel Words: Turkish

ayasofya_thru_doorway8138-375100 Travel Words – Turkish™ will smooth your way during your trip to Turkey, impressing fellow travelers and gratifying Turks, who will take it as a compliment that you’ve learned some of their language.

You can learn them from this website, but it’s much easier to learn them from my ebook, 100 Travel Words – Turkish™.

The Ebook Advantage

Because it’s an ebook, not an app, you can read it on any electronic device that can read ebooks, no matter what brand: smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop. You don’t have to worry about the operating system (Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows). All of these can read this ebook. Just download the ebook, add it to your ebook-reading app (such as iBooks on Apple iOS devices), and study your 100 Most Useful Words whenever and wherever you like, offline—no need for an Internet, Wifi or mobile phone connection after you’ve downloaded it.

If you prefer, you can buy it from Apple iBooks or for Amazon Kindle.

Flash-Card Design

3 tesekkurler-200pxThe flash-card design of the ebook is particularly good for learning a word or two whenever you have a few spare minutes: waiting for someone, before an appointment, during a break in a meeting, whenever. Each 10-word lesson opens with a list of the words, and ends with a review of them. The English-Turkish and Turkish-English Glossaries are full alphabetical lists of all the words, making it easy to look up a word that comes to mind.

The Price is Right!

I think the advantages you receive from this 170-page ebook are worth at least US$10, but I’ve priced it at US$2.99 (or equivalent in your home currency). You can download it here.

Plan Your Trip to Turkey

For info on travel in Turkey, go to TurkeyTravelPlanner.com, my trip-planning website with 5000 pages of travel information and planning advice on travel safety, money and costs, best times to go, best itineraries, passports and visas, guides and guided tours, maps and transport, hotels (including Cappadocian cave rooms), Turkish cuisine, and lots more.

You can get a taste of the ebook and The 100 Most Useful Travel Words in Turkish™ here:

Turkish Pronunciation Guide

Lesson 1, Words 1 to 10

Lesson 2, Words 11 to 20

Lesson 3, Words 21 to 31

Lesson 4, Words 32 to 41

Lesson 5, Words 42 to 51

Lesson 6, Words 52 to 61

Lesson 7, Words 62 to 72

Lesson 8, Words 73 to 81

Lesson 9, Words 82 to 90

Lesson 10, Words 91 to 100

Turkish Grammar

Turkish Vowel Harmony

Turkish-English Glossary

English-Turkish Glossary